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Our Team

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DMZ Motorcycle Co.

DMZ Motorcycle Co. began with a passion for history, great motorcycles and honouring those who fought to defend and protect their country.

Each bike tells a story of heroism, courage,

or great military achievement.  We love to create commemorative motorcycles to celebrate individuals, squads, platoons or any size division.

A portion of each each sale goes towards the 

Fallen & Wounded Soldiers Fund


James Leigh

James Leigh, DMZ Motorcycle Co. founder, and long-time bike enthusiast, has was on the hunt to find the perfect military motorcycle. Instead, James decided to create his own. Combining the nostalgic retro look of WW2 bikes, with the comfort and enjoyment of a modern motorcycle, the DMZ dream was born.

As a retired U.S. security consultant, and after motorbiking across some of the most treacherous road in China and Tibet, James is confident that you will love your DMZ Motorcycle as much as he does.


Michelle Brunelle

Michelle completed her Bachelor in Creative and Critical Studies, and continued to work in graphic & web design for many years.

She loves being creative, and following her husband's adventurous spirit.

She cherishes the many memories working on motorcycles and vehicles with Matt since they were teenagers.

When she is not busy raising their four kids, she can be found gardening, hiking and or trying her hand at something new.


Matthew Brunelle

Matthew is a Collision & Automotive Instructor to local and international students. Matthew owned and operated an award winning collision shop for over 10 years, with his brothers and father.

He met James Leigh several years ago, when he was a customer at the shop. When James approached Matt about making DMZ a reality, he knew it would be an adventure. When he's not working, Matt enjoys motorbiking, spending time with his family, and having a good laugh! 


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